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Charlotte marketing consultants

Charlotte marketing consultants.

Welcome i360 Marketing, your Charlotte marketing consultants, we are a team of exceptional talented individuals with many years of experience in the field. We are professional marketing consultants in Charlotte who have worked on multi-million dollar projects for Fortune 500 companies. We are UI/UX designers, SEO specialists, marketing content writers, digital marketing experts, developers, and more. We know the business and we know what works. We now come together as a team to build the best personalized marketing strategies for your business.

Charlotte marketing consultants

Why i360 Marketing is the leading Charlotte marketing consultant.

At i360 Marketing, your Charlotte marketing company, we let you do what you're best at, and leave marketing and bringing customers to us. Our team is passionate and committed to help your business grow, and thrive your brand. With our smart and effective marketing strategies, we will bring to your business the best result possible. Our commitment goes beyond the scope of advertising campaigns or web design projects. First and foremost, we operate as digital marketing consultants to our clients providing effective solutions and support before, during, and after a project is completed. We'll be with you every step of the way to run successful campaigns and grow your business..

Smart marketing strategy that works.

Unlike most marketing agencies, our marketing strategy is customer and market focused. We understand not every business, industry is the same. That's why we have different marketing solutions that are designed and customized based on customer's business, location, audience, and competitors. We create marketing campaigns that are simple, but practical and they work. We don't believe in one-plan fits all strategy. As your Charlotte marketing consultants, we work closely with each of our clients to come up an effective marketing plan tailored to their business and budget to bring the best result possible.

charlotte marketing consultants

Why choose us as your marketing consultants.

1. Extensive knowledge and experience

We have many years of experience in digital marketing as we have helped many clients successfully growing their businesses. We also give you honest advice based on your business model and market to maximize your marketing investment.

2. We provide marketing plans that fits your business

Unlike other marketing agencies, we ask questions and listen to our clients. We want to know your goals and we'll customize a marketing plan that fits your business and budget.

3. We use the most advanced tools and smart strategies to get you ahead of competition.

We use the latest tools out there to give us the most accurate analysis to come up the most effective strategy to get you ranked higher on Google and other search engines when customers search for your products and services.

4. Detailed service, proven results and satisfaction warranty

As your marketing company, we always deliver what what promise. We have a break-down itemized marketing system so clients know which services they're getting. We also provide reports to clients monthly to keep them posted with their progress and results.

How a marketing consulting company can help your business

A business without marketing is like a car without an engine. On average, businesses spend about 8%-16% of their revenue on marketing to stay competitive in their market. Are you spending enough to keep your business ahead of your competition? If you need help on planning out your marketing strategy and doing market research, i360 Marketing can help. As your marketing consultants, we have the knowledge, the experience and the right tools to put you ahead of your competitors.

Top reasons why you need digital marketing consultants to grow your business.

Launching and running a business is not easy. From hiring the right people to supporting your customers and growing client base, business owners have enough challenges handling the day-to-day operations.
On top of that, growing business is getting really competitive. Traditional marketing and advertising tactics such as cold calls, billboards, trade shows, and TV ads aren’t enough. In today's technology driven market, 97% customers search for products and services online. To grow your brand and generate more leads, you need to add digital marketing strategies such as content marketing, SEO, email marketing, website marketing, and social media marketing.
To keep your business competitive and relevant in the digital age, you need digital marketing consultants with the right skills and experience. Consultants that specialize in digital marketing can help you get started in digital marketing or can enhance your overall marketing efforts so your business can generate new customers and grow your brands.

Here a few reasons why you need digital marketing consultants:

1. Digital consultants are knowledgable, skillful and experienced.

To be successful online, businesses need professional digital marketing consultant, who will know the technology with experience and use the best digital marketing practices. i360 Marketing has a talented marketing consultant team to help you on your business.

2. Digital Consultants Are Equipped with the Right Tools.

It’s true that there are plenty of free digital marketing tools and software out there. However, features are typically limited. To take on your business goals using digital marketing means you will likely have to invest in full-feature software and other technologies. i360 Marketing uses the best marketing tools in the market that allows us to generate the best keyword analysis and competitive research results in order to come up the most effective marketing strategy for customers. Our digital marketing consultant already has access to these solutions and tools – from digital analytics to social media marketing to email marketing and more. They know how to use the tools and software effectively which increases your chances of reaching your goals quicker.

3. Digital consultants implement the most effective strategies that have been proven to provide the best results.

One of the primary goals in digital marketing is for your business to be found when someone is searching. This involves improving your search engine rankings. So, if your existing marketing team is unfamiliar with SEO, content and website optimization, then you’re spending money without seeing the results because your website is not being seen.
Hiring a digital marketing consultant results in campaigns that are quicker to implement and lead to better results. They know how to keep your audience engaged and analyze the data that reveal if the efforts are effective. The expertise and insight of digital marketing consultants mean not losing money to inexperience. Their digital marketing campaigns are targeted and measurable. And because digital marketing consultants have access to the right tools and technologies, they can use only the tools needed to get the job done – again saving time and resources.

4. Digital consultants have great support from our team

There are a lot of work involved in digital marketing. At i360 Marketing, we have a whole team working together on a project. Beside digital marketing consultant, we have content writer, SEO expert, UI/UX designers, marketing and advertising experts. Depending on business goal, we'll come a marketing plan for you. You may also need a social media manager who manages your social media marketing campaigns and day-to-day activities such as the creation, curation, and management of all published content.
And speaking of content, a digital consultant has teams that create the content you need for ads, website pages, email and other digital applications. Their copywriters know how to write copy that gets found in searches and engages your audience. They also know how to get that content ranked in search engines and in front of your target audience. As video content continues to increase in importance, a digital marketing consultant can bring on a videographer to support your overall content strategy. To complete your digital marketing team, having someone look at the data and make recommendations and improvements based on results is critical for ongoing improvements and success.
Because each company has different your needs, a digital consultant will help you identify what you need and who you need on your digital team based on your goals and resources.

5. Digital Consultants help business owners focus their time on business growth

You are busy and you already have a lot to handle in your business. When you are trying to learn digital marketing or develop a digital marketing team you are taking time away from your business. By hiring i360 Marketing as your digital marketing consultant, we will create, lead and direct your digital marketing strategies and programs, you can spend your time growing your business, nurturing your team and developing deeper relationships with your customers.
By working with experts, you can rest assured that they are focused on your business goals while you are spending valuable time IN your business.

Here’s what we can do for you:

Firstly, we’re a marketing consulting company with years of expertise and experience in offering marketing techniques. They have a great portfolio outlining our accomplishments and we produce the best results. See here what our marketing consultants can do to help your business:

Brings fresh perspectives

Give a thought that it is you focusing on marketing and maybe a few of your in-house employees. You may be focusing on a single tunnel for growth. Your business involves your investment financially and emotionally that you are scared about decision making.
On the other hand, a trained marketing consulting company can reveal a fresh perspective and bring creativity to your efforts. A consulting company has no emotional attachment, they aim to boost sales and more business than they make bold decisions beneficial to your business.

Experience and Specialized Skills

At i360 Marketing, our marketing consultants let you do what you're best at, and we do marketing and bringing customers to you. While a marketing consultant for your business is best as he is an expert. His experience will be on your business table. Our consultants are specialized in digital marketing, search engine optimization, and market analysis with many years of experience. Our consultants are great local SEO, organic SEO, Social media marketing, PPC and more

Saves Time and Money

As an owner of your business or it is one of the employees working on the marketing flagship for your company, it is time consuming. The effort put on marketing is compromised as you are not certain of the results.
Hiring a marketing consulting company means the focus is only on marketing. Thus, your employees and your time can be saved and spent elsewhere.
Saving money may take you wondering how to save when you hire a marketing company? These are consultants hired on a short-term basis. They move on to complete the job. There is no need to invest and pay a full-time employee. The consultants are just on contract; thus, they are efficient, fast and budget-friendly. They aim at offering the best services and moving on.

Prevent conflicts

In-house employees managing marketing experience unnecessary stress and lead to conflict. They are passionate and concerned about your business. There will be different perspectives and countless opinions getting on their senses. Employees are worried about job security, interoffice relationship, and workload.
Hiring a marketing consulting company is helpful as the company has no personal ties. It keeps them free that they concentrate on your business growth and bring in more sales. A consultant knows to dedicate his time to the task at hand.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Hire i360 Marketing as your marketing consulting company and watch your business grows.

Let's our team help you with your business!

Contact us today for a customized and effective marketing plan that will bring your business website on the front page of Google to grow your brand.


Are you ready to get started?

Are you ready to start generating more traffic, more customers and grow your business? Just Schedule a Free consultation today to speak with one of our marketing consultants. We will explain to you and guide you the entire process to get you on top of Google for your products or services.

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Sam Zack Hardwood Flooring
Sam Zack Hardwood Flooring
21:46 07 Feb 20
Our business is so much better after working together with i360 Marketing. They are very professional and pay attention... to every single details. They are honest people and that is very hard to find out there. We are so pleased with them!read more
South Charlotte Realty
South Charlotte Realty
22:27 26 Nov 19
THank you for designing our website and providing marketing services for us. Our website is doing great on Google and... getting more and more exposures everyday on search engines and social media. Highly recommended!read more
James Jordan
James Jordan
14:37 17 Oct 19
i360 marketing built my website the right way, and did marketing for us. Our business has generated a lot more traffic... since then. Great service! Highly recommended!!read more
laquan murphy
laquan murphy
18:58 13 Sep 19
I used 360 Marketing to help market my finance’s mechanic business. The amount of feedback that we received after we... used their services was definitely worth the money. I would definitely recommend their services to everyone!read more
Huy Le
Huy Le
20:59 10 Sep 19
Datora Jewelry
Datora Jewelry
18:23 03 Sep 19
We have used i360 marketing for many services, and they’re fantastic. They have helped us generate tremendous amount of... traffic from Google as well as social media. Their team is so knowledgeable and helpful. We feel totally confident to have them run our marketing campaigns. Great job guys!!! Highly recommended!read more
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