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eCommerce Store Solutions

We’re are eCommerce store setup experts

Do you want to sell products online from your website? We have great eCommerce store solutions to help you from A-Z, contact us today for a Free Consultation. 

eCommerce Solutions for businesses

i360 Marketing provides professional and effective eCommerce solutions to help businesses selling their products online. We work on various e-commerce platforms, and CMS such as Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Volusion and more.

If you’re new to online retailing and are looking to setting up an ecommerce store, you have come to the right place. i360 Marketing has solutions to bring your store online and start selling in no time.  These are some basic steps to set up a new store:

  1. Setting up a brand
    If you don’t have 1 yet, we can help you with a great brand for your business.
  2. Register domain name
    Based on your brand or business name, we can register a domain to reflect that.
  3. eCommerce platforms
    There are many eCommerce platforms, we’ll help you to pick one that fits your business goal.
  4. Set up a secure (SSL) certificate
    It is a must to have secure SSL (https://) for your store to secure info and build confidence with our buyers.
  5. Select hosting providers
    Most of eCommerce platforms come with hosting solutions like Shopify, BigCommerce which is a great way to get started. Some other solutions such as WooCommerce can be installed on your current host for the website.
  6. Choose merchant payment service provider
    We can help you to pick an PSP to accept payment online.
  7. Marketing and Advertising
    We provide effective marketing solutions to generate customers to your store and grow your business.

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We don’t just build online shopping carts, we build professional and effective eCommerce stores that work and grow your business.

There are many eCommerce services out there; however, i360 Marketing is still one of the top eCommerce setup companies for your business needs.  We have a great team of developers, designers, and advertising experts who have worked for 500 Fortune companies with many years of experience in the field. We are professional and reliable. We work closely with each client to come up the best plan for the best results.  You can count on us to help you stay ahead of the game and outrank your competitors.  We understand each business has different goal and budget.  That’s why our solutions are created based on your business goals and budgetg.  Contact us today for a free consultation, and get started to bring your business to the next level. 


Why are we different?
At i360 Marketing, your Web Design and Digital Marketing company, we stand by integrity, hard work, innovation and results. Our designers and developers have many years in professional fields. We build beautiful, professional and effective eCommerce stores for your business success.  Your site will be well-optimized for SEO and search engines to help you generate more customers and dominate your market.

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