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i360 Marketing is 1 of the top Charlotte NC Advertising Agencies.  We provide a full-range of advertising solutions for business in Charlotte, NC and anuy cities in the US.

What can an advertising agency help your business?

When a business, brand, or any start-up decides to start making advertising efforts, they may find themselves lost and do not know whether to hire an advertising agency or not.

i360 Marketing is one of the top Charlotte North Carolina advertising agencies with many years of experience.  Here’s what we can do to help your business.

Improves brand positioning

The work of an advertising agency is not only aesthetic and creative. Agencies also work with a team of strategists to help deliver relevant and engaging messages to the right audience based on demographic, time of purchase, geographic location, and more. 

In this way, when testing the results of the campaign, you can have confidence that the sales or brand positioning objectives have been achieved.


By hiring the advertising services offered by an agency, you know first-hand what the objectives are that will help you achieve, the strategies and activities of how they plan to achieve it, the expected results, and the time in which they will be achieved. Not to mention that you have the backing of a contract, a lot of experience, and a whole team working on your account.

Specialized work

An advertising agency has been doing this work for long and it has sufficient experience in this field. They move every day between advertisements in different media. And as the industry progresses, agencies specialize in their projects and create and grow their team in such a way that they are passionate about channeling their creativity towards these points.

Equipment at your disposal

An advertising agency is made up of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who will be looking after your interests, such as marketers, communication experts, advertisers, programmers, graphic designers, digital analysts, SEO experts, Facebook experts, among others. Each one of them is part of a great puzzle to offer you the best service, the best quality, and the best results, which will guarantee the success of your project.

Solid marketing strategy

Over the years, a good agency has been learning from its mistakes and successes. They have gained experience from the work carried out with each of his clients and has tested his skills and knowledge with various methods. Hiring an agency will undoubtedly help you to employ a solid marketing strategy for managing your social networks.

Design that looks and works well

As a general rule, agencies have an art team made up of designers, animators, and even photographers specializing in design from a multifaceted approach. In this way, they know how to make the brand create, communicate, function, and stand out from other ads in its same category and from the sea of information in which we live.


A team of external professionals can give you opinions and an impartial vision about the actions of your company can provide creative marketing strategies that contribute to achieving the objectives and therefore to obtaining favorable results in the positioning of the brand and the sales generated.

So now you know very well, what can an advertising agency help to grow your business

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Charlotte NC Advertising Agencies

Why do you need i360 Marketing as your Charlotte, NC advertising agency?

An advertising agency is nowadays essential within a good marketing strategy of any SME in Charlotte. The use of traditional marketing methods has come to an end. Today’s companies have begun to experience the advantages and benefits of attraction marketing or Inbound Marketing, whose main objective is to build relationships to attract visitors. And converting them into brand prescribers efficiently, through a well-structured process, and especially in the longer term.

The positioning of your website within the first positions in the main search engines is essential to increase the level of visibility and therefore the conversion rate of your business. i360 Marketing is a specialist in establishing and correctly applying an SEO strategy, which allows you to appear in the first results in Google, to attract new potential customers and thus guarantee the success of your company on the Internet.

There are many Charlotte NC advertising agencies, however, here’s why you need i360 Marketing as your advertising agency in Charlotte, NC area.


Web positioning is the first of the reasons why you should have an advertising agency like i360 Marketing. If the company does not carry out strategies or constant long-term actions to achieve a good SEO positioning and competition, the brand will lose positions and organic visibility in the ranking of the main search engines while the rest will go up positions.

If you already have a website, and you are on all social networks but you cannot increase your commercial objectives and/or you do not have enough visits to your website, you will likely need to have an advertising agency.

Online experience:

Because they are effective, which always translates into good results for customers. And above all, because when there are problems, which always exist, they usually adapt quickly to all adversities to offer solutions to every one of those problems that may arise daily.

And finally, a very powerful reason is that they usually work as a team. In this way, all the online marketing needs of customers can be complemented. i360 Marketing team is prepared to quickly adapt to changes in our sector and keep their clients at the forefront.

All in all, every small or medium business should have the advice of an expert agency like i360 Marketing. We believe that we would not leave my legal or financial matters in inexperienced hands, due to the negative consequences that would be reported in the future. Well, the same opinion on the subject of digital marketing. A serious, professional, and honest i360 Marketing will advise you at all times of the steps you must follow if you want to have a good marketing strategy. i360 Marketing is reliable Charlotte NC advertising agency you can count on, and it will improve the visibility of your business.

What type of advertising services does i360 Marketing provide?

At i360 Marketing, we provide you with the best web design, e-commerce, web positioning, social media, and advertising through SEO throughout the world.

But let us see what you can opt for with the different facilities you’re your company’s or product that you want to market through the digital platform. Let’s also have a glimpse of what is marketing around you?

Marketing through i360 Marketing:

With our advertising services, we offer web site design, SEO, SEM, social networks, email marketing, web analytics, branding, and graphic design.

We can be your only advertising, and communication company in Charlotte, North Carolina and make things easy for you. Whether you are from in the world, we can grow your Internet business and take your company to the next level.

We are dedicated to both consulting and development. We are the digital marketing expert, SEO consultant, and inbound marketing specialist, so we can advise you and combine different disciplines, techniques, strategies, and tools to reduce your advertising investment and that your clients find you easily when they need your products or services.

As a digital marketing expert, we work to get results and meet your goals. Therefore, before starting your project, we carry out a digital audit of the current situation of your business and your sector to know the starting point.

Then, depending on your needs, deadlines, and budget, we develop a personalized online marketing strategy and determine the methodology to follow. Next, we design a multi-channel action plan to reach your target audience and achieve sales for your company.

With web analytics, we always keep control of your digital marketing plan. Get through the following advertising services that we are providing:

Local SEO and citation

With our experience in web design and e-commerce, I can develop a professional website or online store for your business in record time.

In the same way, as an expert in web positioning, we work the SEO, On-Page of your website or your e-commerce and we take care of the external factors of the SEO Off-Page and the link building to improve the visibility of your company in the SERPs (results search) from Google!

Business Branding & Social Media Marketing

We combine branding and graphic design and take charge of introducing your brand to the market with a creative commercial name, an effective slogan and a logo that sets you apart and makes you stand out with a fresh and powerful corporate visual identity.

On the other hand, with the product and corporate social media handling, we provide you with quality images both for your website or your online store and for the advertising of your company.

Web design & PPC

With inbound marketing, we strategically pose each phase of the sales funnels to meet your goals. For starters, with content marketing, we attract users to your website. Then, we turn them into contacts through a direct and attractive call to action and an optimized landing page to obtain the registration of their data and generate your list of subscribers

Charlotte NC Advertising Agency
Charlotte Advertising Agency
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Why i360 Marketing is 1 of the top Charlotte NC advertising agencies?

There are many Advertising agencies in Charlotte, NC; however, i360 Marketing is still the top company for your advertising needs.  We have a great team of advertising experts who have worked for 500 Fortune companies with many years of experience in the field. We are professional and reliable. We work closely with each client to come up the best plan for the best results.  You can count on us to help you stay ahead of the game and outrank your competitors.  We understand each business has different goal and budget.  That’s why our adversing solutions are created based on your business goals and situation.  Contact us today for a free consultation, and get started to bring your business to the next level. 


Why are we different?
At i360 Marketing, your Web Design and Digital Marketing company, we stand by integrity, hard work, innovation and results. Our designers and developers have many years in professional fields. We build beautiful, professional and effective websites for your business success.  Your site will be well-optimized for SEO and search engines to help you generate more customers and dominate your market.

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